Thursday, July 5, 2012

Myakka Big Sky

Photo quote for today: When people ask what equipment I use - I tell them my eyes. - Anonymous 

What Florida lacks in hills and valleys it makes up for with the most amazing sky scapes. As temperatures warm the air into the 90's the normal course of events is for clouds to form, with the occassional summer rain shower then overspreading the area. I've found the exceptionally flat and stark Myakka Prairie to be the ideal place to capture these sky scapes. As no two are ever the same, I never know what I'll have to work with until I actually arrive, then it becomes a case of mix and match between the foreground and cloud compositions.

Today's image is a (4) frame panoramic, taken vertically. Though I could have accomplished the same composition using my wide angle lens, the panoramic option allows me to make an exceptionally large print with great detail. When you merge images into a panoramic the selected frames retain approximatley 75% of the censor's capabilty, which in my case is 15 megapixels, with the rest of the information discarded during the merging process. This image is equal to approximately that of a 45 megapixel censor. Enjoy!


Island Rambles Blog said...

wow another incredible shot...and I do ask people what equipment they have....having eyes is the best!! I always wanted to try panoramic shots....have to give it a go. Cheers. carry on posting great shots.

holdingmoments said...

An excellent shot Mike; and equally excellent processing.

Jarek said...

Really nice... love the light!