Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Photo quote for today: "On one hand you want to see your subject well. On the other hand, you want to be caught off guard to retain the spontaneity. If you know your subject too well you stop seeing it." -Harold Feinstein

I very much agree with today's photo quote, you do need to retain that spontaneity with your subject otherwise you can become apathetic. When I find myself in that situation, my cure has been to really work the subject hard, exploring every angle until you see that something that rekindles your interest. Back when I was shooting film that approach would tend to run up my tab at the processors, but now with digital imaging you can go nuts without breaking the bank. The Trillium below is a good example; after some stiff editing I probably have twenty slides of the same bloom from different angles. This one however is my favorite, it's the one that peaked my interest when stopped long enough to really see my subject.

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