Saturday, June 23, 2012

Photo quote for today:

"There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs." - Ansel Adams

I'm fortunate to be about a (5) minute drive of Myakka River State Park.  The river flows through 58 square miles of wetlands, prairies, hammocks and pinelands, and has a very diverse bird population, not to mention thousands of Alligators. One of the migrating birds that winters down here is the White Pelican, with a wingspan of around (9) feet it's the largest of the seasonal visitors. I took a few snaps in late spring, just before they left for the season. I'll be posting some of the other birds that make this area home in upcoming posts.


Anonymous said...

Birds in flight can be a challenge to photograph but these images are impecaably sharp. You obviously have your technique down pat.

John Theberge said...

Great images. You're going to have to get back into kayaking. Imagine the areas you'd be able to access that you can't right now.

Island Rambles Blog said...

the last photo is so wonderful when you see it in the lightroom ..each feather is showing and perfectly stopped.